9 things the most productive workers do when they have to work from home

April 15, 2020

9 things the most productive workers do when they have to work from home

Uncertain situations due to the new type of Corona outbreak or COVID-19 helped force the world to adapt to new types of normal routines, such as working from home. While one of the biggest complaints people often work from home is uncertainty about the time to end their work hours. Time does feel different between working by sitting and staring at the monitor at home all day and routine work at the office.

When you are still active in the office, everything is well scheduled, from the journey leaving, mingling with colleagues to planning and handling work, lunch, until suddenly it is late, it's time to leave the office and go home.

Meanwhile, by working from home you do not need to take special time to travel, both going and going home. However, on the other hand time is so flexible when at home sometimes disguising when it's time to stop, because actually you are always ready in front of the screen at any time. Or, maybe your focus when working from home is actually divided because it involved other activities of other residents, such as family.

To overcome this, here are 9 things that most productive workers do when they have to work from home. This method can be applied to help you manage your time effectively, so you can be more in control of the work from home process to achieve optimal results:

Submit Agreement

Propose an agreement between you and the rest of your family or other household members to let you work without interruption and give the understanding that even if you are at home, you still have the responsibility to complete work for the common good.

Set a Work Schedule

Although time at home is more flexible, but you still have to maintain a disciplined attitude to be able to complete your responsibilities as well as possible. For that reason, making a schedule of when work activities begin and when to stop is something that is highly recommended.

Maintain Communication

One of the obstacles when working from home is communication. When working in an office, you can easily convey ideas or discuss strategies with other colleagues because you are with them all day.

But when working from home, although there are many communication media available from voice calls to face to face, but not necessarily you can reach your partner at any time due to various obstacles that may be faced.

However, communication is important in handling every job. For that, make an agreement to communicate at a certain time and make sure you can continue to run regularly.

Convey Development Status to Bosses

Give regular information at a glance about the progress of the project or task you are currently working on. There are times when your boss may need more detailed information to support mutual success.

Create Reminder

Make a reminder that can sound or display a notification 30 minutes before it's time to stop. This 30 minute opportunity is very useful to double check whether everything you did that day was according to plan and nothing was missed.

And here is what you should do 30 minutes before the end of working hours:

Make sure the Inbox is Empty

Instead of wasting time checking every email that comes in throughout the day, set a specific time to check and take advantage of 30 minutes before stopping to ensure that you have read all the emails in the inbox.

You can also make arrangements by marking certain important emails as priority, so that they will only display notifications when they arrive.

Contemplate Today's Achievements

What projects are progressing today? What remains to be done? Take a few minutes to review what you have accomplished today for the ongoing project and what you still have to do in the future to make sure your project is going well and reaching the target.

Plan Targets For Tomorrow

Sometimes there are times when you have more work to do than any other day. Because you have to work on a priority scale, it does not rule out the possibility of missing or unable to complete that day.

Therefore it is always a good idea to keep a record of any pending tasks and schedule a time to complete them the next day.

Stop at the Same Time Every Day

Unless you are working on a project that is nearing a deadline and is forcing you to work overtime, always try to stop at the same time every day, according to what you have scheduled.

If after that you still answer work-related e-mails or messages, then you give the signal that you have no boundaries and personal life.

Maintaining the principle of stopping on time on a regular basis gives you enough rest time to refresh your mind, so that it can increase productivity and produce the best performance the next day. In addition, you can also have time for family or other things that you might not do at work time.