Apply Effective Way To Prevent Corona Virus, This Company Can Continue To Move

March 23, 2020

Apply Effective Way To Prevent Corona Virus, This Company Can Continue To Move

The Corona virus, which was first revealed in early January, forced Geely to form a crisis work team and devise a plan to protect 120,000 global employees, including 6,000 people who work at the company's headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

The company claims that thanks to the implementation of a very strict protocol, all Geely facilities throughout China returned to work on March 1, producing, designing and developing cars for global consumers.

For starters, the Geely crisis team canceled all business trips and all guests were denied entry into company facilities. At present, all Geely employees who enter the Hangzhou headquarters are required to undergo body temperature testing on a visual screen that highlights anyone who has a fever.

The attendance machine has been moved outside the building. Employees who drive to the base also pass body temperature testing, while their vehicles drive on a sanitary mat that eradicates bacteria from below. Furthermore, the door handles of the cars were sanitized by the security team while employees worked.

Other anticipatory measures that have been implemented include the application of the maximum limit of the number of people allowed in the elevator, as well as the procedure of using hand sanitizers and wipes for those who press the button, changing face masks every 8 hours, checking the temperature more than twice per day , cancellation of large meetings and conferences that are replaced by video conferences, and maintain a distance of 1 meter between employees at all times.

Since it was first implemented, these protocols allow Geely to continue full production without a case of contracting the Corona virus in their facilities.