Reveal e Prototype, Honda Prepares the First Electric Car Production

February 27, 2019

Reveal e Prototype, Honda Prepares the First Electric Car Production

Honda is preparing to reveal its first electric vehicle for Europe at the Geneva Motor Show in the near future. This vehicle is a concept car that is approaching the production version and will enter the final production stage in 2019.
Some images related to the concept called e Prototype have been released and the appearance looks quite identical to the Urban EV Concept which was introduced in 2017. However, Honda said that e Prototype is a development of Urban EV, so that if you look closely it will reveal some differences.
For example, hidden rear door handles and small front door handles. As a result, the overall proportion of the car is leaning towards a more practical approach than being sporty. Another major change is in the back, where the rear light box turns into a round that echoes the design of the main light.

Even though it looks cute and friendly, the Honda e Prototype is equipped with various advanced technologies, such as a pop out door handle and compact camera that replaces the traditional side mirror. Both of these features are unique to vehicles in this segment.

While the black component contained in the hood is the charging port. Honda has chosen to place it in that position to facilitate access to fill from both sides of the car. This port is equipped with LED lighting that is visible through a glass cover to greet the driver and inform the battery charging status.

The black panel between the front and rear lights can no longer display information like the Urban EV and is only used to serve styling purposes.
The neo-retro feel continues to the inside of the cabin by adopting a minimalist approach that is made possible by a horizontal dual-screen display that integrates most of the car's functions. The screen for displaying images of the integrated digital rearview mirror at both ends of the dashboard, even the center rear view mirror is also replaced by the camera.

Honda said that the interior was spacious, thanks in part to the flat floors which could be passed on the front and rear of the cabin. Meanwhile, to bring the interior feel like a comfortable lounge, then use melange-style sofa fabric and other materials that are often found in contemporary homes.

Honda has not yet released its dimensions, but states that e Prototype has a relatively long wheelbase, wide tracks and low overhangs to facilitate exceptional urban maneuverability and dynamic driving characteristics.

This concept car uses a special EV platform with a powerful electric motor that drives the two rear wheels for the performance of the next generation of small cars, while creating a pleasant driving experience.

There is no additional information regarding the details of the specifications other than the ability to travel more than 200 km and fast battery charging that can reach 80 percent in just 30 minutes. Honda also said that its electric vehicle platform presents a perfect blend of efficiency, performance and usability for the urban environment.