Yamaha and Sony Collaborate to Develop Autonomous Vehicles - SC-1 Sociable Cart

September 6, 2019

Yamaha and Sony Collaborate to Develop Autonomous Vehicles - SC-1 Sociable Cart

A number of companies are trying to develop and build autonomous transport vehicles and the latest comes from two big names in Japan, namely Yamaha and Sony. The vehicle they developed was dubbed the SC-1 Sociable Cart and this model was touted as a blend of Yamaha Motor's autonomous driving technology and Sony's entertainment imaging technology.

The two big companies have not revealed much information about autonomous driving technology, but have confirmed that their public transport has been equipped with advanced image sensors, ultrasonic sensors and LiDAR systems. They also confirmed that the images taken by the vehicle were uploaded to the cloud and this allowed them to be operated remotely.

Despite displaying a less attractive box design, this vehicle uses four 55-inch LCD screens instead of windows that can project video and mixed reality images to the people around it.

By using cameras and artificial intelligence technology, Sony said that its vehicle can determine attributes such as the age and sex of the people standing nearby. Through this information, the LCD screen mounted on the exterior can display advertisements that specifically target these people.

In addition to acting as a mobile billboard, the SC-1 Sociable Cart has an interior equipped with five seats and a 49-inch screen. This screen shows various information and even allows passengers to see their surroundings at night without using headlights.

Information about the driving source has not been revealed much, other than confirming that the SC-1 Sociable Cart has regenerative braking and a replaceable lithium-ion battery pack. This vehicle also has an electric motor that allows it to travel at speeds of up to 19 km / h.

Yamaha and Sony plan to launch the SC-1 Sociable Cart in the next few months and will be placed in leisure areas, such as golf courses, theme parks and commercial facilities. However, the company does not yet have a plan to sell and sell the vehicle.