Preparation Before Driving in the Rainy Season

September 12, 2019

Preparation Before Driving in the Rainy Season

Preparing a car for rainy conditions must be done at all times, not just during the rainy season. That way, at any time the water flushed the car was ready to face it.
The following are things to be aware of:

1. Make sure the wiper's condition.
With age the use of rubber wipers can become stiff and bumpy. This causes the wiper sweep on the glass to be imperfect and actually disturb the view. Check the condition of the wiper by wetting the windshield and sweeping it. If the stroke is not perfect, immediately replace it with new rubber according to car specifications.

2. Fill the glass water thoroughly.
Before driving, make sure the wiper wash water is full. Mixing it with a special glass wash soap can also help remove fat in the glass. Also make sure the driving motor is active and can spray water on the glass.

3. Pay attention to the condition of the tire.
When it rains, the tire groove will work to dispose of water to the side so that there are no symptoms of a car floating on the water, aka aquaplanning. Make sure the tire groove is still in good condition, at least having a thickness of 50% of the new.

4. Check for leaks.
Especially car owners over the age of 10 years, occasionally try to wash your car in an automatic washing machine. That way you can see whether there is a leak in the glass gap and the car body. If yes, fix it immediately so that you don't get wet during heavy rain.

5. Check your insurance policy.
Make sure your vehicle is protected by flood damage guarantee, because some of us do not know whether our vehicle has been protected by flood coverage or not.