Practice eye sight while driving on the highway

September 12, 2019

Practice eye sight while driving on the highway

When you are driving on the highway, of course, it must be followed by a careful attitude and concentration. One of them is vigilance when observing the situation of the road being passed.
Practicing eye sight will allow you to predict situations that will occur on the road while driving.
Besides that you can plan actions to be taken, place the right vehicle position, and reduce the risk of accidents.

Here's how to train your eyesight while on the highway:

When the vehicle starts moving, look far ahead as a whole. The goal is that any changes that occur on the road can be seen clearly.
When you are moving in tandem with other vehicles, direct your eyes to the left and right. Try to remove obstacles that can interfere with vision.
When a vehicle passes through an intersection, the direction of sight must move. So you can find out every other road user activity that can affect your situation at the intersection.

When the vehicle is moving backwards and is about to turn, turn your gaze around the location.
When you are going to park the vehicle keep communicating with the environment around the parking location.
When entering a crowded area to avoid accidents with pedestrians then turn your gaze to the points of the crowd.

Avoid getting too close to other vehicles and try to communicate with pedestrians.