Nissan Patrol 2020 Starts Its Debut With New Look And Features

September 26, 2019

Nissan Patrol 2020 Starts Its Debut With New Look And Features

Nissan Patrol 2020 is scheduled to go on sale in the near future. This latest generation SUV offers improved exterior, higher levels of sophistication in terms of overall technology, while maintaining its off-road capability.

The Japanese car maker regards Patrol as an icon of its SUV heritage, specifically designed to overcome some challenging road conditions without sacrificing comfort.

"Patrol is one of our longest and most valued models, with a long and proud history," said Joni Paiva, Nissan's Vice President for the regional regions of Africa, the Middle East and India.

In terms of design, Nissan engineers gave Patrol / Armada 2020 a V-motion grill with new LED lights that resembled a boomerang. Both the grille and optical unit are intended to accentuate the strong and sharp front end design of the SUV.

Meanwhile, the taillights chart also backfire, while the units themselves are connected via a large chrome nameplate and feature the first successive turn indicator for each Nissan vehicle.

In the interior, there is a new center console with two screens that overshadow Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, leather seats with new diamond-patterned stitches with additional cushioning, as well as a new steering wheel that is sewn by hand. This SUV also offers improved cooling systems and air flow distribution to be able to blow cold air more quickly in the face of hot climates.