Key to being left behind in the car? Here Are the Tips

September 11, 2019

Key to being left behind in the car? Here Are the Tips

Both car drivers who are full of experience and new drivers who can drive a car, must have experienced this one. Yes, your key was left in the car and unfortunately, your car has been locked automatically.

Well, if it's like this often you don't know what to do. The factor of being in a hurry or forgetting, is usually the main cause of the car keys being left behind. Usually, the dealer where you buy the car provides a spare key for a case like this. But, most people are lazy enough to take it home, especially if the distance is far enough from the location of your car at that time.

No need to worry, here we provide some tips for dealing with things like this. Hopefully these tips are quite useful when you experience something similar.

One of the most obvious ways when you leave your keys in the car is to carry a spare key in your wallet or bag.

But most car users keep the spare key in the house or other place that feels safe. Because the wallet or bag risk is lost, either because they forgot to save, or even lost because of theft.

You can also hide a spare key on certain parts of the exterior of your car. Both car dealers and accessories stores now provide a lot of magnetic keys that you can use to store the spare key. Be creative to hide the key where others do not expect that you will put it in that place.

If your car has a self-locking doors feature, it helps you get used to locking the car by pressing the door lock from inside the car and then close the door and the car will automatically lock itself. But remember, pull out the car key after you turn off the engine before you do this way of locking.

If you have a toddler in the car, never step outside and close the door with the ignition key. When your toddler touches some parts of the interior of the car, it could be that he accidentally locked the car door from inside. Always carry a car key when you leave the car, or never lock it when you have a toddler in the car.

Another way when you are locked out of a car is by calling the local police to ask for help. Or you can also call the nearest automotive service (car repair shop) to help you solve the problem.