How To Take Care Of A Car Battery For Long Lasting

September 10, 2019

How To Take Care Of A Car Battery For Long Lasting

Caring for a car battery is needed so that the condition remains excellent. Because if the condition of the car battery is very good, then other components that require electrical systems such as amplifiers, the lights still work well. So how do you take care of a car battery so that it lasts longer and remains primed?

Check related elements
Before carrying out car battery sensitivity, you must first look at the condition of battery-related elements such as car air conditioners, power windows, lights and more. if these elements are experiencing problems, because the car components are connected to the electrical system, it needs battery performance to carry out its work.

Check the battery head
The first time that often gets into trouble with a car battery is the presence of excessive moisture and dirt on the battery head. Then clean with hot water. Hot water makes sticky skin easy to clean. Make sure the battery head is dried directly to prevent a short-circuit in the electrical system.

Check water surface conditions
Battery types are divided into 2 namely dry batteries and wet batteries. What needs more attention is the type of wet battery, because it requires special attention for car owners. To find out if the battery is dry or not by looking at water. So try to keep the water surface in a safe condition, usually there is a line as a safe sign of the water surface in the battery.

Save the cost of using audio
The use of modified audio usually draws power directly from the battery. So by reducing or saving using audio is one of the factors to keep the battery in a durable and long-lasting condition.

Check the position of the starter when the car stops
Before leaving your car, make sure the car contact is off. That's because if the contact is still on, the electrical system will continue to flow even though the engine is dead.

Add batteries when excessive paired elements
When adding other entertainment components such as audio, playstotion and television or other devices. better to add a new battery that is useful to help the performance of the main battery in your car.

Maintained regularly
So taking care of your car battery regularly is necessary. This can be done by caring for the car engine simultaneously so that the battery condition remains excellent and can last a long time.