Car Body Care Tips

February 11, 2019

Car Body Care Tips

Keeping your vehicle looking great doesn’t have to be hard. Even an old car can look like new with regular care. We’ve all seen those collector cars that have never been repainted. Your vehicles paint can look that good decades from now too.

Washing Your Car

Wash your car at least once a month. Limestone, bugs, bird droppings – they can all leave permanent stains on your paint if not washed off. The moisture quickly dries on a clean car but when the car is dirty the moisture accumulates in the dirty areas, which can lead to corrosion. It’s best to use a wash product designed for the paint on your auto.

At least every now and then you should also use a pressure washer. The ones at the coin car washes work well. The pressure washer is able to remove dirt from hard areas. Don’t put the pressure water too close to the paint as it can cause peeling.

Waxing Your Car

Wax your car regularly. The wax makes your car nice and shiny and it protect the paint from fading, environmental factors, and staining. It takes only about an hour to wax an entire car. A quality wax will last around 3 months. By waxing your car just four times a year you can keep your paint looking like new.

There are a number of wax products on the market. So many that it can be overwhelming trying to decide. Sticking to a carnauba car wax is a good choice. It offers some of the best protection, is easy to apply, and holds up well.

How to Repair a Stone Chip

If you do not quickly repair a stone chip on your paint it will begin to corrode. It’s not as difficult as it may seem.
  • Go to your dealer to match a spray paint to your vehicles paint color.
  • Wash the car and let it dry.
  • Grab your spray paint and shake well.
  • You’ll also need a sharp wooden stick.
  • Spray a small amount into the cap.
  • Dip the stick into the cap.
  • Place the stick end into the chip and dab.