Want to turn? Try using this method

March 4, 2015

Want to turn? Try using this method

There are two techniques that turn good.
The first is the technique of hand over and the second is the Pull and Push. Both of these techniques are considered the safest to use when driving, but quite rarely used given the driving habits of someone different.

Hand Over techniques or arms crossed is turning techniques that allow arms crossed between 9-3 hours.

This technique is considered safe because in addition to maneuver the car maintained, even hands remain on the steering wheel.

The second technique is the Pull and Push. This technique allows the driver to pull one side of the steering wheel and push the other side to make the vehicle turn.

If you turn right, then the left-hand steering wheel push up and pull down the right hand side.

So what about the other techniques?
Techniques other than these two techniques are considered unsafe. For example turn one hand techniques that simply pressing the steering wheel, although it many do, but it is not recommended.