Carefully put brakes on car when passing through puddles

March 2, 2015

Carefully put brakes on car when passing through puddles

Braked the car as it passes through a puddle of water can result in harm

Definitely you will ever pass through puddles in the road. It's good to be careful when you cross it. One control lead car skidded or even overturned.

It took a good knowledge to be able to break through the puddles in the road. Many people think the car should be braked as it passes through puddles. Yet this is very dangerous.

The most correct way when crossing the puddle is to slow the vehicle. Not with the brakes, but release the accelerator so the car is not out of control.

When the car brakes, the tires will be blocking on the water. It is not harmful, but when exposed to dry asphalt tires back, the car will be attracted due to the tires gripped the streets. Cars can be reversed.

After passing through a puddle of water, then allowed to step on the gas pedal back. Of the record control is achieved with a good car.

If the process is described first consider the puddle, then slow the vehicle by releasing the accelerator, then good control when crossing the puddle, the gas back subtly.