Six Mistakes in Buying Car Insurance

January 28, 2015

Six Mistakes in Buying Car Insurance

Do you have a car? If so, you should consider buying car insurance. However, before buying auto insurance should avoid these things so that you can get the best car insurance:

Do not pay attention to the reputation of car insurance companies
Mistakes in Buying Car Insurance could be due to a lack of information about the provider of search. Such information can include how long the insurance company to stand, how many customers they have, how the services provided to each client company, or the success of client complaints against the insurance company.

Do not understand the auto insurance product
Surely every car insurance company offers premium protection and different. Mistakes that often occur when a person buys a car insurance is not understanding the protection and the premium amount. Finally, when the risk occurs, they realized the protection of what they should and should not buy. Moreover, if they do not understand the amount of premiums, they could pay a premium that is a little expensive for protection.

Do not pay attention to guarantee expansion
Guarantee borne by the company usually only about compensation for damage caused by accident or riot or all-risk protection and TLO, whereas, the third party legal guarantees, hospital fees, costs and passenger personal accident, natural disaster protection, etc. are not included.

These things belong to the warranty extension where normally the company will add a premium if the policyholder wants to get it. Well, fault policyholder is considered such matters are included in the guarantee provided, so that when the losses due to such things happen, they do not get anything from the insurance company.

Not considering the premium
Many people are experiencing an error in buying car insurance because they are attracted by the low premiums offered by a company. In fact, the logic of how the insurance company will provide insurance money as per your requirements if the premium low.

Not consider the reference of a close friend
We recommend that before buying car insurance, consider the reference first company of your close friends. Could be, he had never purchased a car insurance in the insurance company. At least you will get an overview of the insurance company. By doing so, less likely to get errors in buying car insurance.

Do not buy from the trusted agent
There are many ways to buy car insurance, one of which is the purchase of a car insurance agent. However, you should never affected the sweet crap insurance agent. This means that you should investigate first whether the agent is trustworthy or not. This is so you do not experience the fault in buying car insurance.