Luxury Car Logos : AUDI

December 26, 2014

Luxury Car Logos : AUDI

Audi is one of the famous brand of luxury cars in the world. The company name is actually derived from the nickname of its founder August Horch, which has the meaning of "hearing" and if translated into Latin becomes Audi. The purpose of the Audi emblem shaped circle united 4 is 4 firms that merge into one, namely Audi, Hoch, DKW, and Wanderer.

Now Audi itself has been merged into the VW group, which is the same - both came from Germany. Audi has a lot of success, including in particular the DTM racing and endurance racing Le-mans 24 Hours.

As the anniversary of Audi's 100th in 2009, Audi repair new logo, so now the words "Audi" has shifted to the left and no additional shading on the fourth ring.
This logo was designed by Rayan Abdullah.

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