License to Drive

December 18, 2014

License to Drive

'Overall this text is an excellent learning tool...The presentation of the concepts was well formatted and easy to follow

The descriptive graphics were eye appealing...The 'Who's at Fault' element requires student participation, thereby providing the feedback to the instructor to ascertain if the pupil(s) understand the topic of the chapter.'

'The special elements are great. These keep the reader interested and informed of driving-related items. A must-keep feature!

'I find chapter content to be up-to-date and theoretically sound and one reason we chose it as our text was its smooth flow from topic to topic.'

License to Drive 2E provides driving instructors with an integrated learning program. Using a realistic approach, it covers all major driver education issues, with an emphasis on safety and defensive driving that will appeal to all new drivers. All major driving methods are covered, including SIPDE, Smith system and IPDE. The focus is on practical solutions to everyday situations, with thoughtful coverage of such subjects as driving under the influence, sharing the road, challenging driving conditions and aggressive driving.

Thought-provoking scenarios and evaluation questions in each chapter engage the student, provide a wealth of discussion material, and encourage active learning. The many components of this product complement one another, and may be used to create a multi-media learning environment. Components may also be used as teaching tools on an individual basis.

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License to Drive