Tips to Maintain Performance Car Audio

November 12, 2014

Tips to Maintain Performance Car Audio

The music that sounds good can make us comfortable driving. Conversely, when a strange sound was heard, can reduce comfort.

Call it the sound of the speakers who started "broken", the head unit are dead flame, until the death total. It can be caused by various factors.

Factor of human error and technical problems in the audio device into the main cause of the reduction in performance or malfunctions.

But do not worry, it decreased performance audio device in the car can be prevented. Driver behavior is usually the cause of the damage. In addition, because the audio device is an electronic goods, of course, the age and quality of an object is also a factor for the decrease audio performance.

Shrink volume
Turn down the volume before turning off the head unit. This step is to anticipate when the next time you turn it on again, there is no large electric current flowing suddenly into the speaker.

Treatment At the Door
Avoid slamming car doors when closing. This can cause the bolt to hold the door trim speakers gradually loose. The solution, note that loose bolts on the speakers, tighten if necessary.

Parking in the shade
Vehicle parking location can affect the quality of the audio in your car. For speakers who use the sponge in the form of paper needs to be watched. Because if often bronzed sun, sponge age was only 2-3 years. Speaker sound quality will decline

Keep the Interior Health
Power amplifier turns holds the potential to deteriorate if not kept clean. Dirt on connectors and components in the power unit can lead to corrosion and distortion in the sound.
Keep it simple enough, namely by not letting dirty carpet and interior car too long.

Take advantage of Professional Services
There are times when it has done all that anticipation, but the sound quality audio system slowly decreases.  Nothing wrong hands handed to professionals such as audio installer to do the checking.