Reconditioning Car Audio Flooded

November 15, 2014

Reconditioning Car Audio Flooded

Flooding be a scary thing for the car owners. Especially if you have to upgrade the audio system. In addition to the engine and the interior can be damaged, flooding can also damage your car audio system.

Actually all audio components affected by flooding can be reconditioned, provided that if treated as early as possible. However, the repairs must manually. Components removed one by one and immediately dried after the car was no longer flooded.

"Make sure all components are switched off and immediately unplug the cable from the battery,"

Speaker and Subwoofer
Speakers or subwoofer with conus material made of carbon fiber polypropelene or given coating, safer from the danger of flooding water. But not for the use of paper material conus.

Speakers and subwoofer of this type can still be reconditioned by replacing one set of the following conus surround her. Separate all of its components, namely the voice coil and pole piece. Clean the voice coil of fungus or mud that sticks. While the pole piece in the coil that has corroded due to exposure to water can still be cleaned using liquid penetrant and remove rust with fine sand.

Part sidelines between the voice coil with a pole piece needs to be sprayed with liquid penetrant that movement up and down the voice coil does not faltered.

However, despite the physical condition of the speakers and the subwoofer has been recovered, both of these components can not produce optimal sound as usual. If the speakers and the subwoofer has been exposed to water will usually arise noise or other interference.

Power Amplifier
To recondition the power amplifier are flooded to do with removing the PC board power first. Then clean of dirt or mud in the way back flush with clean water. But then immediately dried in the sun.

If not, can use a hair dryer to wind pressure is not too hot and the distance to the PC Board is not too close. Liquid cleaner can be used to clean rust tucked in between the small parts.

Passive crossover most extensive restored despite flooded. Coils, resistors and capacitors in it easily drained and cleaned because there is rust resistant protective coating. To clean enough given liquid penetrant. If the legs of the resistors and capacitors can be connected by means of breaking up in the solder.

Cable-Cables and Fuses
Cars were submerged up to get into the cabin had other problems. Audio cables are still connected to the battery, shorting will impact on all audio components. To avoid this, the usual audio installer will install the main fuse (main fuse). The function of this component is to cut off the electric current, if one occurs when a short circuit of the battery due to the effects of prolonged exposure to water.

Therefore, check the main fuse is still functioning or not. We recommend that you also replace the entire car audio cable to avoid the flood there are still parts of the cable that is wet, causing shorting.