Know the types of Subwoofers

November 10, 2014

Know the types of Subwoofers

The audio quality is influenced by several factors, one subwoofer is used. This subwoofer serves to produce a fuller bass sound to sustain the overall audio quality and make music more dramatic.

Before installing the subwoofer first identify the type-type. Then adjust to taste the music you want. If your musical tastes of jazz, classical, pop, you should use a subwoofer kind of sound quality. As for the flow of hip-hop or heavy metal, use a type of SPL (sound pressure level).

Subwoofer with characters using magnetic sound quality is not too big and has a 100-300 Watt. Therefore subwoofer sound quality suitable for a daily car. Because the bass sound produced is not too large.

While SPL has a larger diameter magnets, heavy, sturdy, and has 300-5000 Watt. The higher Watt, meaning requires greater power amplifier. Therefore adjust as needed.

"Be careful if the subwoofer has little power but big power amplifier, subwoofer may be broken. Or conversely, a large subwoofer but little power amplifier will be lost and broken. "

The sound quality is also determined subwoofer subwoofer box design. If you want to produce the best sound then select box with volume according to the needs of your subwoofer. Box itself has various types and models of that.

Sealed Box
This box shape using volume calculations, use to help control and reduce the change. Usually sealed box has a box that is not hollow space. The box design is capable of producing a smooth bass with an appropriate response.

Vented (ported)
These cribs using holes (ports) in its design. The hole serves to augment the low frequency output through the displacement of air in the box.
The air in the box removed through the hole, the air displacement stage will increase the frequency of the subwoofer. These cribs are usually used in the SQ and SPL subwoofer system.

Infinite Baffle
Subwoofer models have a design on the surface of the split between the wave front with the rear, the model does not require a box large size suitable for saloon cars.

Acoustic Couple
Box of this type using two subwoofers mounted in a closed box. This is done with the aim of increasing the volume of the audio.

Reflex Bandpass
Box subwoofer of this type has a sealed form that is designed as a form of ports to get a lowpass filter. It is used with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the frequency of the model. Box is composed of a single reflex bandpass and dual reflex bandpass. However, keep in mind to get good audio quality of both this box, requires a different tuning.