How to Upgrade Car Audio Without Damaging Interior

November 3, 2014

How to Upgrade Car Audio Without Damaging Interior

When found audio device in your car is still minimal, certainly arise curiosity to up-grade the audio device in the car. Moreover, if the majority of our time is spent working hard in the middle of traffic jam.

Many of the ways you can do to improve the quality of entertainment in your car. Such as replacing the head unit, speakers, install the power amplifier, boosting bass through the subwoofer, to add to the TV in the car. The trick is quite easy, just pay some money and entrusted entirely on audio installer.

But what matters more is the audio device after installation is done, the display of the car's interior to be a mess. Inroad door trim, the placement of the tweeter that is not aesthetically pleasing, and the placement of the subwoofer box in the trunk lying potluck.

Actually, this can be avoided by understanding the condition of the interior of the car, and certainly not arbitrary in making modifications.

Modification of the audio device it is possible to do without damaging the aesthetics of the cabin. Cabin of the car has been designed with exhaustive research by the manufacturer, of course, a pity if tampered with for the sake of audio components.

The installer should give first choice to car owners to modify the car to remain neat and without damaging the components of a standard cabin.

By making modifications without damaging the aesthetics of the car's interior cabin is certainly maintained. The long-term effect is that you can still restore to a standard car audio without leaving scars up-grade in the cabin.

Well, there are several examples of installation of audio components that do not damage the car cabin. But still produce better sound quality.

Installing the Speaker
Generally the car already has an integrated speaker with a cabin. It is hidden behind the dash or door panels actually make replacement parts are limited. Should not be forced to replace with a larger diameter speakers but sacrificing cabin panels.

The cabin of your car can be permanently damaged due to incorrect installation. What is needed is to use a better quality speakers but the diameter is equal to the standard speakers and still be mounted on a standard speaker stand.

Then for tweeter installation does require a special holder. Whether it's in the A-pillars as well as on the dashboard. Many ways you can do the installer to install this device without having to pierce the cover of the A pillar and the dash. As for using a substitute material or re-wrap cover pillar A.

Installation of Head Unit
Today many cars are already using the head unit is integrated with the dashboard. In fact, not only physically fused, but also in the system.

Just look at the Mercedes-Benz to the Mini Cooper, the cars use a head unit that is integrated with the dashboard and the vehicle control system.

To boost the quality of the resulting audio head unit, you can pair the digital sound processor. With this component the resulting sound can be better because the treated first before distributed to the speakers. If the head unit is integrated only physically alone, then you can replace the head unit with a higher capacity and with the frame for mounting on the dashboard.

Subwoofer placement
Installation of these devices is often done poorly by audio installer. There were just put away in the trunk, can be even worse when subwoofer box should be planted by punching holes in the cabin.

Car owners can ask the installer to install this device using only the bolt holes that are already in the cabin. So even if there is no additional bolt holes but could subwoofer box installed perfectly.
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Modifications subwoofer box can also be made ​​to ensure that the box does not shift and without the need to make bolt holes again.

Installing a neat subwoofer can keep the cabin aesthetic, as well as the capacity and access trunk not disturbed.

Do not forget to check back at the cabin functions such as storage console, storage pockets, access to the spare tire, and driver visibility. Do not install the audio device reduces the functionality of the device in the cabin.