Carefully before Upgrading a Car Audio

November 9, 2014

Carefully before Upgrading a Car Audio

Some premium cars are already working with manufacturers of audio devices, such as Harman Kardon or Bose, to deliver a system that is able to produce an impressive sound quality. But for a car audio system with mediocre, if sufficient as entertainment?
Upgraded audio devices, has become a quick solution. Often the upgrade is done directly handed over entirely to the installer, and car owners live pay. Moreover, in the market there are a variety of brands of aftermarket audio devices with each innovation.

What if it turns out from the actual installation packages do not all components need to be replaced. Or even the actual components in your car is sufficient, only need to be set so that optimal performance can be obtained.

Then if the installation is done, often the owner of the car charge any discrepancies that he felt the installer. It will only hurt the owner of the vehicle because it has to spend money on things that are not optimal. As for the installer, it is difficult to find an audio system like what is desired car owner.

So in fact, the ideal car audio systems do not always have the most complete, hard or expensive. But rather a system that meets your needs.

Know Your Car Audio System
You as the owner of the car, would need to know the various components, functions and performance of the existing system in the car, including the audio system. No need to know in detail, fairly assess whether it is in accordance with the requirements or not.

There are several approaches that can be done to decide the standard audio system in your car is ideal or not. Then need to be upgraded or not.

First you can do is to compare the quality of the sound. The easiest way is to play the same song on the computer or gadget with a closed type headset that sounds as clear as possible can be obtained. Then compare when the song was played in your car audio device.

Listen to his voice as he parked at the curb. Listen to each speaker while regulating the balance and fader. Then increase the volume and adjust the bass and treble. Then make a note of any changes that occur voice. Note if there are sound speakers sounded broken, appear distorted form of hiss, crackle or other.

After that, drive your car on the highway and raise the volume to above the noisy street. Then back parking but let the position remains the same volume. Listen to the sound produced by all speakers. What is missing, bass, treble or clarity?

If you mute the sound according to your ear at moderate volume, but not on the volume of the highway, it means you need to add a power amplifier. But if his voice remains problematic in two of those conditions, the speaker should be replaced.

But if the problem turns on the head unit that is unable to accommodate the needs of workers to produce the sound you want from the existing speakers, means the solution is to replace the head unit.

On the other hand, to replace the head unit, there are a few things to consider. For example, if you get more out of a single CD that sounds good or want to give a spectacle to passengers in the form of a DVD player head unit with a monitor? Should the USB slot or aux-in to connect with flash disk or media players and other gadgets?

By doing this, you will get a list of things you can describe to the installer and will not deviate from your main objective.

Installer obligation to find solutions to the problems you have on your vehicle. However, the installer will not be able to provide a solution if you do not explain well what is missing.

Tell exactly what you desire for the device in your car. Such as you want to compose audio video devices across the line by using the headset in individual units and each unit so that your children can enjoy watching their favorite shows. Then you just need to buy a TV and embed individual in the position you want. Clearly different needs when you want to compose a device that can be enjoyed by the driver alone.

It requires a thorough discussion with the installer. Therefore do not hesitate if you have to move from one another when the installer to installer does not happen good communication with the installer.

Finishing the discussion, you should have come across the problem of your audio system and solutions offered by the installer. It's time to make a decision. This section is an absolute entirely your right. Are you finally going to decide to do the upgrade or not, or just tuning.

No need to hesitate to cancel even though discussions with the installer is quite long. But make sure the installer understand your decision.

Conversely, if you finally decide the upgrade, keep the audio system in accordance with your needs and there is no remaining issues before you take the car out of the workshop.