Recognize Evaporator AC Problem

October 1, 2014

Recognize Evaporator AC Problem

The use of air conditioning in the car, it was needed when the weather is very hot. But, the evaporator was usually also have problems and cause less pleasant odor in the cabin. From the smell, it also can be identified a variety of possible damage.

Evaporator AC have a certain age to keep it functioning optimally. Usually age can reach about 5 years. When it reaches this age, there will be certain problems in the form of a pungent smell like burnt smell. Then, less cold air and also appeared hissing sounds continuously.

It is possible also, the evaporator is blocked by dust because rarely cleaned. But, it is mostly due to the age factor. Indeed, there is a special sign of the emergence of this sign, there is a freon leak. If these signs occur, it would not hurt to check the air condition in a special workshop.

To prove that there is a leak, you can see for yourself when the air conditioning of components disassembled. Look at the evaporator is already taken. Signs of this leak will come up with some sort of oil fluid at the evaporator.