Recognize Characteristics of Used Car Accident

October 23, 2014

Recognize Characteristics of Used Car Accident

Buying a used car is to be very careful. If you choose the wrong would be very detrimental if it can not determine changes due to secondhand car accident. To find out, can be identified through a test drive.

Used car accident, the dominant driving experience that can not drive straight. Usually the steering wheel as if to run to the left or to the right as well. Typically, this situation can be felt when driving around 40 km / h to 60 km / h. How to fix it, had to straighten the chassis again.

The distance between the steering wheel swivel left and right are different. It feels almost the same as that in spooring car, but if you have not tried, it would be difficult to identify. Test drive the car for about 5 miles. If necessary, take the car through bumps and bumpy roads. If it still does not feel the same, be careful there could be permanent damage.

Next, try to spray the windshield with a rubber high-pressure water. If water seeps up into the cabin, we know that the windshield had to be replaced. It can be expected also that accidents happen with this car, there was quite severe.