How to Clean Car Carpet

October 23, 2014

How to Clean Car Carpet

Carpet car sometimes overlooked. Place and function that is to be trampled usually neglected hygiene. But, of carpet also, the disease could have spread because of heap of dirt and bacteria there. To prevent the spread of disease, it is better to do the cleaning for carpets that are beneficial to your car.

First step, take it out slowly carpet made ​​from rubber, as well as dispose of waste materials that exist outside of the car. Of course, so that dirt does not fall in the car and the carpet is ready to be brushed. If it's too dirty, wet carpet and brush evenly with detergent, so that the dirt can fall out.

After the rubber carpet cleaner, we proceed to clean the bottom of the cabin. If this part can be removed, it should be cleaned outside the car to maximize cleaning. Clean with a vacuum cleaner to reach the narrow sidelines quite difficult to reach.

If you use a lot of luggage, coat it with a carpet section easily removed. Its function is to facilitate the washing and cleansing at the same time. You no longer need to be confused wash, if the carpet is really dirty.

Now check all parts of the car once again, from front to rear. Use a vacuum cleaner to reach all corners. And do not forget to look for the point that there might still be a stain. If there are stubborn stains, you can clean with a cleaner interior.