Type of Music can Affect Your Driving Pattern

August 3, 2014

Type of Music can Affect Your Driving Pattern

It turns out that the heart rate can affect the beat of music is heard. Several studies have been conducted to monitor the heart rate while driving while a person is given different types of music that have different tempos. The result heart rate will tend to be less stable than the driver who only hear one type of music.

The ideal music while driving is music that has a tempo similar to a heartbeat. Which is about 60 to 80 beats per minute. Due to the fast beats of music will increase the concentration of the driver on the music heard.

While the driver is turning the music tempo of 120 to 140 beats per minute, which is majority-owned by music type rock, heavy metal, hip hop and techno are more likely to have a more aggressive way of driving. Usually the driver unconsciously tend to accelerate the rate of vehicles following the beat of the song. Similarly, in a maneuver, which tend to be done quickly.

That danger again, if you play music that is not love. This can cause stress and distraction that negatively impact on the driver. The example often happens is that the driver becomes drowsy.

The trend was also sleepy posed by both types of slow music with vocalists and instrumental. So it could not hurt to prepare various kinds of music before going on holiday. When your mood is down, you can play a song with a fast tempo. Such genre of pop music that the concept of easy listening songs with lyrics that are easily digested brain, although this depends on the preferences of each individual.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to consider is the large volume of music when driving. Indeed, this has no effect on the increase in speed, but without you knowing concentration while driving will split.

Sometimes when driving noises outside cabin beckoned in the form of a horn or siren should know. Imagine if you play music at full volume, the sound will definitely cover the influx from outside the cabin.

Ideally when you play music using a volume of about 30-40 per cent of the range provided by the head unit volume. Because it is still in the range of reasonable stage to be heard, you can still hear sounds from outside the cabin.