Care Motorized Head Unit

November 3, 2014

Care Motorized Head Unit

About 10 years ago, the head unit with motorized system began to enter the market. A few years later, this product was booming. Until that time the audio modification offer things that are futuristic as the underdog points besides sound quality.

At that time the screen double-DIN head unit that has not been a lot of current (6-7 inches). So the solution is to use a motorized screen that is separated from the head unit.
Head unit at the time was on average still use the panel as a monochrome digital information. This is because the technology for thin-dimensional full-color screen that is integrated with the head unit has not been used.

Then came the single-DIN head unit with motorized screen. This model is widely used. Shaped single-DIN panel, the LCD is hiding in it. When ordered, the screen will be shifted out to the rails on either side. Then after the screen came out perfect, the motor shaft will rotate the screen and exposes the screen to the passenger.

Moving the display automatically opens when the motor is switched on the head unit also makes the car look futuristic. As a result of substitution into the head unit is also becoming a more modern option for car owners.

However, single-DIN head unit with screen motor began to have problems. The screen is often slow in moving and easily damaged. Parking camera began to be used as well, and this feature is inaccessible when the screen is off to a slow.

A few years later when constructed thinner LCD technology develops, the head unit was also adopted this technology in double DIN format. But the technology is no longer a motorized screen sliding the screen of the console, but only shift a portion.

Generally, the head unit is using the system to hide the screen motor slot CDs that can be a maximum screen size. This means that the screen does not need to be shifted from the console using the rail but has been plastered on the front. Motorized system was only contribute little to change the tilt of the screen is blocking CD slot.

Interestingly, this type of screen can also be tilted as desired if the user wants to keep the screen tilted condition even though the CD is inserted into the console. Double-DIN head unit with motorized wide screen is still currently available on the market.

Weakness Motorized Head Unit

As a device, a motorized display even this has its disadvantages. Its main component is on the bike. Rails and hinges using the motor to make the screen can move back and forth and folded. It is often broken.

The damage is mechanical. That is only impair the ability of this screen to move. But what does it mean if the screen can not move out?

Indeed, damage to motor components can still be improved, but the cost of its service is relatively expensive and may not necessarily work perfectly as usual.

Even more fatal is the damage to the flexible cable screen. The cord is very thin and has elasticity to be able to follow the movement of the screen. If the broken screen is not functioning.

If the damage has reached at this stage, not much is willing to accept the repair. In addition to components that are hard to come by, the cost of its service can be close to the price of the device.

Moreover, this flexible cable damage can also damage the head unit control system. Eventually though the damage is only on one component of the cable, but can not control the head unit.

While the weakness of the single-DIN models, when the screen is lifted, blocking other devices behind it. Generally, the buttons on the dash like AC regulator, emergency lights or AC grid.

Dirt is also increasingly easy to enter because of the frontal air puff to the back side of the screen head unit. Another problem can arise when the components inside the screen becomes not function optimally due to the buildup of dust on the display panel.

Caring for Motorized Devices
A few months, insert grease in parts of the motor and the hinges are easily visible. Do it more often if your car often bronzed in the sun. To ensure the motor and the rail on the inside works perfectly, take it to your installer to be dismantled and given lubricant with more detail.