How to Overcome the Clutch Pedal Feels Heavy

September 16, 2019

How to Overcome the Clutch Pedal Feels Heavy

It feels stress when you're on a traffic jam, using a manual transmission car, plus the pressure on the clutch pedal feels heavy when stepped on.

The left leg becomes very sore, especially experienced by joints such as knees and ankles.

Becomes dangerous because the concentration is slightly drained due to fatigue.
There are several reasons, but most often found due to lack of care and wrong driving behavior in treating the clutch.

There are several things that affect the severity of a clutch stamp:
  1. The clutch cover is worn out, so that the clutch plate presses are "dead" or not flat. If all parts of the clutch are in good condition, we can be sure that the stampede is not too heavy.
  2. Release bearing and pilot bearing are damaged, causing discomfort, one of which is heavy when stepped on.
  3. If from day to day feels harder, the clutch can be worn out.
  4. Not true in using the clutch. For example, stepping on and releasing the clutch roughly. When frequently bent, the clutch plates / plates on the flywheel will feel tougher and accelerate the wear of the clutch system.
  5. Dry lubrication on clutch components such as release bearings or release bearing sliding bearings and per clutch cover.

Solution so that the clutch pedal isn't too heavy:
  1. Replace a clutch set. The cost is indeed quite expensive, but certainly hard symptoms disappear.
  2. If the cause is lack of lubrication, spray anti-rust on the sliding mount through the rubber boot on the clutch fork.
  3. Anticipate using the clutch correctly:
Always use first gear to start.
Neutralize the transmission lever if it stops.
Do not do "half clutch" when climbing.
Do not put the foot on the clutch pedal during driving.