2007 Acura MDX Prices, Reviews and Pictures

June 23, 2016

2007 Acura MDX Prices, Reviews and Pictures

There are only a few vehicles that could be used in the place of a small fleet of cars, and the 2007 Acura MDX is one of the best of those vehicles.

Acura MDX Model Changes
The new-for-2007 Acura MDX is at the top of its class. Bold new body panels go a long way to separating the MDX from the rest of the look-alike SUVs, and the interior is even more refined and luxurious than before. Last year's 3.5L V6 made 253 horsepower and has been replaced by a marvelous modern 3.7L V6 that makes 300 horsepower. It is backed up by a fun-to-shift five-speed automatic.

The 2007 Acura MDX can still seat up to seven people and is only available with all-wheel drive. With the second and third row of seats folded, cargo volume has increased to 83.5 cubic feet. A new optional power liftgate opens with the push of a button.

300-horespower V6; super handling all-wheel drive; luxury coupled with reliability.

The Acura MDX routinely wins SUV comparisons for good reasons, and the redesigned 2007 model is no exception. It is sporty enough to make most drivers forget that are behind the wheel of a seven-passenger familymobile. Paired with its Nurburgring-tested ride are features that make the MDX convenient to use for family and household activities. Plus the lavish attention to details will leave you feeling as if you'll never need a luxury sedan again.

2007 Acura MDX Prices

2007 Acura MDX 4-Wheel Drive 4-Door $39,995
2007 Acura MDX Sport Package 4-Wheel Drive 4-Door $45,595
2007 Acura MDX Sport/Entertainment Package 4-Wheel Drive 4-Door $47,795
2007 Acura MDX Tech Package 4-Wheel Drive 4-Door $43,495
2007 Acura MDX Tech/Entertainment Package 4-Wheel Drive 4-Door $45,695

The newly redesigned MDX can double nicely as a luxury sedan. The front eight-way leather-trimmed power seats both coddle and support you, plus their heating function is a godsend when winter's arctic blasts hit. The electric moonroof, tri-zone automatic climate control, speed-sensing windshield wipers, satellite radio, and incredible sound system almost seem out of place in an SUV.

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A Tech Package adds cruise, audio, and phone controls to the steering wheel, and a rearview camera, hands-free telephone interface, and real-time traffic updates to further the luxury theme. An Entertainment Package add heated second row seats, a remote power tailgate, and a DVD entertainment system.

The 2007 Acura MDX was developed partly on European racetracks, and offers driving dynamics that make it a suitable substitute for sportier alternatives. Sure the MDX weighs nearly 4,600 pounds and has a high center of gravity, but the 300-horsepower 3.7L VTEC V6 goes a long way to satisfying boy racer fantasies.

We thoroughly enjoyed driving our tester on both snowy and dry roads. The four-wheel disc brakes provide ample stopping power, the ride is excellent, and the handling when powering out of a favorite 270-degree entrance ramp tops that of some sports cars.

An optional Sport Package comes with an active damping suspension system that adjusts the shocks in milliseconds to meet driving demands. A button on the console allows the driver to select between sport and comfort modes. Most impressive is Acura's use of their SH-AWD (super handling-all wheel drive). Not only is power shifted front to rear to aid in the slippery stuff, but it also transfers a goodly portion of the 275 lb-ft of torque between the right and left rear wheels to provide better drive out of the corners. The Sport Package also tacks on auto-leveling xenon headlights, premium leather seat trim, and the contents of the Tech Package.

2007 Acura MDX Parts and Accessories

The 2007 Acura MDX is still an SUV, though. All-wheel drive ensures the vehicle can handle inclement weather, a possible 83.5 cubic feet of storage space guarantees a trip to Home Depot won't be a problem, seating for seven helps for carpool duties, and a 5,000-pound towing capacity can get the boat to the lake.