Tips to overcome hard way situation

March 18, 2015

Tips to overcome hard way situation

Have you ever faced the road conditions that make you uncomfortable? It can be started from the blind direction because you have not been through this route to the road conditions do not support could be a factor for your accident.

So, how to solve it? The following tactics to overcome it.

Proactive - Plan your trip
  • Plan and think about where your goal. Check the map and check out the best path. Remember, the best path is not necessarily the way the fastest route.
  • Customize with your ability to drive these. If you need the fastest path by high capability that you can not afford, then choose another path that does not make you stress, although it should rotate.
  • Ask a passenger to help lead the way.
  • Use tools such as GPS navigation for ease of travel.
  • Avoid peak hours so as not affected by traffic jams.
  • Prepare yourself mentally and your patience to deal with difficult situations. For example when you have to rotate the direction, this condition requires patience to wait and proper techniques in order to swing properly.
  • Make sure you clean the glass so that the visibility is not impaired. Also make sure you sit right position to be able to look around easily.
  • Reduce, even if it could eliminate all distractions when driving such as by turning off the phone and cigarettes.

Responsive - Prepare what will happen in front of you
  • Look far ahead, according to the capabilities of your eyes, so you will have more time to avoid the danger ahead.
  • The closer to the potential danger, then you should have a faster reaction than the usual. Generally you have to brake to avoid danger.
  • Relax and do not be nervous about the situation. Generally, people will take a deep breath and do moderate exercise to be able to think clearly. Thus driving more fun.
  • Keep a safe distance between vehicles.
  • Road conditions are always changing. Note that penubahan and prepared to cope with emergency situations that may occur.
Reactive - When you feel under pressure
  • Keep driving according to your path
  • Avoid doing the brakes suddenly, pressing the gas suddenly and swerved.
  • Do not speeding. By driving slowly it will give you more time to react
  • Requested that the passengers to be quiet. You have to concentrate.
  • Keep calm. Dance a deep breath and slowly.
  • If you feel you're in the pressure that you can not handle, stop a safe place.