Tips on vacation using your own car

March 11, 2015

Tips on vacation using your own car

Not a few people take advantage of the holiday to travel outside the city using their own cars.

Following are tips on a holiday with family so comfortable:
  1. A few days before leaving, check your vehicle in authorized workshops so that the condition of the vehicle fit and you will not be disturbed.
  2. Bring items as needed such as clothing, food, beverages, supporting hobby. Do not let you carry excessive. Arrange these items as possible and keep it in the trunk.
  3. Use the roof rack and cargo on the roof to store goods.
  4. Bring enough food and drinks into the cabin for you and your family snack.
  5. Do not forget to bring drugs. If it allows you to identify the location of the hospital or doctor's office along the way.
  6. If you are afraid of kids bored, entertainment gadgets should be brought.
  7. Determine the primary and alternate route of travel, as well as the location of a break before departing. Keep track of the traffic situation on the route that will be addressed via social media, radio and others.
  8. Do not drive more than 3 hours. Rest after you drive a car for three hours. Find a safe place such as a restaurant, rest area.
  9. If you are tired of sleep. Do not drink supplement if you are sleepy.
  10. Drive to relax and enjoy the trip as well as the scenery. Needless to emotion, usually travel lane is jammed
  11. Before leaving, check the vehicle such as tires and pressure, liquid radiator, water wipers, battery, up to tooling.
  12. Make sure your condition as a driver and all healthy family members before leaving.
  13. Enough rest or sleep with before you and the family went on vacation.
  14. Because it will be a long vacation trip, then you and your family should eat nutritious food
  15. Prepare a GPS device in your car if not integrated. With your GPS device will be easier to find an alternative route, authorized workshops and others.

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