Tips on caring for car wheels

March 24, 2015

Tips on caring for car wheels

Clean car wheels make the car look more comfortable in view. However, to always look clean, of course, takes proper care. Moreover, the car wheels are very prone to dust and dirt, especially during the rainy season. In addition, high mobility can also make the car wheels look dull and dirty.

In order to keep the car wheels are always shiny. Here are some tips on caring for car wheels that need attention.

1. Use a special cleaning fluid wheels. We recommend that you do not use detergent or soap carelessly, because it can cause the wheel to become dull.

2. Always make it a habit to wipe the rims car parts to dry, after the washing process. Liquids that do not wipe it dry can cause spotting on wheels. Use a soft cloth to dry to avoid scratches

3. For the wheels that have a cross motif that much, it is quite difficult to be cleaned. Use a soft brush to clean the narrow gaps that can not be reached by hand.

4. To remove stubborn stains such as those in the asphalt. Repeat use of special liquid alloy wheels for maximum results. Avoid using kerosene or gasoline.

5. For maintenance and maximum results, car wheels need to be removed and cleaned thoroughly. At least once every 3 months.

Hope it is useful.