New Car Purchase, Do not Confuse First Care

March 2, 2015

New Car Purchase, Do not Confuse First Care

As the first car buyers, consumers sometimes confused, what to do with his first vehicle, and about what should be considered? As the first car, consumers actually do not need to be confused in the care of the vehicle.

Consumers who buy a car for the first time do not have to worry because every purchase of a new car with any brand or type is always included user guide or user manual and warranty and maintenance service book.

For maintenance can see and follow the maintenance procedures of vehicles available in book warranty service and maintenance in accordance with the interval kilometers achieved. If consumers will do the service at authorized workshops, then take the warranty book to show to staff serving customers.

After the car in service, ask seal or stamp on the staff there to help us do the next treatment. By car care in accordance with the procedures and performed in authorized workshops, the prime condition vehicle customers will be maintained.

But before reaching the limit Free Service, then that needs to be considered is the amount of water in the radiator, the condition of the engine oil, brake fluid, power steering oil and water batteries.

If consumers buy a car for the first time are still confused, you should inquire directly at the officer at the official workshops.