How to fill the tire with the proper

March 23, 2015

How to fill the tire with the proper

In filling the tire pressure of vehicles can not be arbitrary. The reason, the life of the tire in the air pressure.

So, how do I fill the tire with the right in order to avoid things that are not desirable?

Check every 2 Weeks
To obtain maximum results, the air pressure should be checked every 2 weeks to avoid the wind pressure is less than necessary. So it is better to check the vehicle tires at least 2 weeks.

Fill when cold tires
When to fill the tires right? The right time is when the tire is cold. Since that time the wind pressure has not increased due to the heat. Thus the wind pressure can still be equated with pressure according to the manufacturer. But if it has to do aeration when tire pressure is high, then the air pressure when the charging should be increased about 10 to 20 percent.

Adjust the weight of the vehicle
Although to maximize the ability of the tire, the pressure should be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended car, but in certain circumstances it is advisable to increase the air pressure in the tires. If the car is fully charged and the weight increased further, such as when traveling far, the tire pressure should be increased by 10 to 20 percent. This is so that the tire becomes stronger support the weight of the vehicle.

Fill with nitrogen
Nitrogen is known to have the ability to not heat too quickly. For that he recommends the use of nitrogen in tires. In addition, the nitrogen molecules is greater than the normal air pressure. So nitrogen will be more difficult to penetrate the pores of the tires and possible tire pressure leak or deficiency would be smaller.

To make the tire becomes more durable, it is advisable to do some other things the following :

Perform tire rotation
It is advisable to swap the positions of the front tires to the rear of each vehicle tune up. This is so the tread has the same thickness. Usually the front tires will be depleted faster than the rear tires. To avoid that, the rotation should be done so that the tire can be more durable.

Check the tread
In addition to making sure no stone or nail in the tire, make sure the tread is still in excellent condition. If the tread has been less than 1.6 mm, the tire can be said to be worn and should be replaced. Do not use worn tires because it has a higher risk of accidents accident.