How to drive fuel-efficient

March 25, 2015

How to drive fuel-efficient

Rarely there are tips that can make you reduce fuel consumption drastically. Unless you drive a car with a fuel-efficient engines such as Toyota Agya. Or you drive a hybrid car like a Toyota Camry. Cars of this type is considered very efficient in the use of fuel and was even able to save the rest of the braking force to be used again later. However, what if you drive a normal car? Here are some things that you might consider to save fuel cars.

Do not speeding

Driving by means of speeding not only endanger your safety and other road users, but also consumes more fuel cars. When you drive fast, there will be times when you have to brake suddenly. When will this sudden braking energy is wasted and cause the car to consume more fuel. Unless you are the type of hybrid car, you can rest easy because the rest of the braking energy will be stored in the car battery to be used again later.

Keep your car engine condition

By always keeping the engine in good condition, you will get the maximum performance of the car. Combustion system will be smooth and the engine will not consume excessive fuel. Maintaining the condition of the engine and an important part of the car has always been a major advice every automotive enthusiasts. This is because the car could not keep and take care of yourself, you are the one who must always pay attention to the condition and perform routine maintenance.