Driving in traffic jam condition

March 2, 2015

Driving in traffic jam condition

Traffic congestion has become a common sight, especially in big cities. Contact with another vehicle too easily occur. Here are some steps that can be applied in the face of congestion:

Half Coupling
Congestion is forcing drivers to run stop and go. Instead, wait until the vehicle in front is a bit much, you just start walking. By doing so, the car protected from conditions 'half-coupling' too often. Especially on the road uphill. Always use the handbrake to hold the car movement.

Position the transmission neutral when stopped long
In the long stop in congestion conditions, up more than 30 seconds, position the gear into neutral, unless required quick reactions. In the car manual transmission, the clutch pedal is released from the grind of course very dangerous. While in a car with automatic transmission, use the D position for too long when stopped, can increase fuel consumption.

Switching lanes
To change lanes, always use a turn signal. If not given way, do not be pushy. Wait until the driver in the back gave way. Because, the time difference between the force of movement and not, not too significant. Instead, the risk is very much higher. It should also be applied when a bypass to turn or U-turn.

Monitor indicator periodically
In the middle of the afternoon congestion, frequent engine overheated. By monitoring the indicator on the instrument panel periodically, you can determine the condition of the engine. In addition to temperature, see also the oil light indicator.