Do not fill too full of engine oil

March 7, 2015

Do not fill too full of engine oil

Most people simply checking the oil is reduced or not. If reduced, then the oil will be added.
But did you know that charge excessive oil can harm the machine itself?

Most people that own oil filling, they just fill the oil too much. However, if the oil fill must be fitted. Should not be less or excessive.

There are two things that will happen when filling oil in excess, First car will feel heavier. Acceleration of the car also will be reduced. For in the machine, there is a mechanism, e.g., he should only half submerged in oil, is so fully submerged, then the components inside the machine moving so much longer.

Meanwhile, the second thing is the machine becomes easily soiled. On the machine was no such thing as PCV or weather channel. Well if too much can be dirty. This dirty due to burning oil produces oil vapor. The oil vapors should not be discarded as they relate to environmental regulation. So the oil vapor is inserted again into the engine through the air duct. Now if the oil is too much, then the oil vapor will also be too much and pollute the channel.

If it is dirty, then the effect can be quite long. It must be to the garage and some components have to be dismantled. So it is quite difficult if you do your own let alone at home.

For that check the engine oil and fixed to keep the oil is between the minimum line and maximum lines. Ideally, there in between. Never lacking for later shortage of oil and do not over-order maximum engine.