Creating excellent condition car tires

March 9, 2015

Creating excellent condition car tires

Tyres are the only part of the vehicle in direct contact with the road and became the backbone of the entire weight of the vehicle. So naturally if received more attention in the care especially in the rainy season.

When the rainy season, the road will be flooded and practically we can not see the actual road conditions, whether hollow or flat. Not only that, poor tire condition could lead to an accident that we did not expect.

So, what should we do to keep the tires remain in maximum condition? Here's this review.
  • Check the Air Pressure
That said, this is the simplest thing to make sure the tires remain in a state of maximum. Tire air pressure must be in accordance with that recommended by the manufacturer, because the recommended pressure has been studied to provide maximum traction tires.
  • Do Spooring and Balancing
Spooring and Balancing also sounds simple, but both gave a significant effect on the comfort and security when driving. Because by doing the same care to avoid tire is not aligned, and balanced so that the car will not run and make the rider difficulty.
  • Perform Tire Rotation
Tire rotation can be done by exchanging the front tire into the rear tire and rear tire into the front tire. This is done in order to get the tires that have the same development conditions. Thus the car will be more balanced than the car does not perform rotation.
  • Check the Tire Development
Flower thin tires can be avoided by making the replacement tire. Thin tires can be fatal due to reduced tire traction. Whereas the condition of roads in the rainy season usually slippery consequently any silt or sand carried by the rain. To determine the tire development is thin or not, can be done in a way to check Tread Wear Indicator or TWI. TWI are on the side wall of the tire or a triangle is formed. If the thickness of the flat tire with TWI means the tire has passed the period of use and height of the tire has been below 1.6 mm.

  • Clean Tires
Uncertain road conditions can make your car tires covered in mud. We do not know whether in the mud tire harmful objects such as nails or stones. So make sure to clean your tires after crossing the rain.