List of World's Most Expensive Number Plate

December 8, 2014

List of World's Most Expensive Number Plate

For most people have a pretty number plate is a prestige of its own. Because it is not surprising that sometimes they are willing to pay very much to have it.

Want to know the list of world's most expensive number plate? Here's the list.

Plate number: VIP 1

Who does not know the origin wealthy Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. The owner of the football club, Chelsea, the purchase price of the license plate with 285,000 pounds in the UK in 2006.

In his hands the number plate mounted on the car 'Popemobile' former Pope John Paul II.

Plate number: M1

Indeed, this number plate first in the registration in the United Kingdom in 1902 and was originally used by a Mercedes-Benz models in 1900. But in the early 2000s this number plate re-auctioned.

Mike McComb then buy it at a price of 330,000 pounds for his son birthday gift to 6.

Plate number: F1

The British number plates owned by automotive enthusiast named Afzal Kahn. He bought it in 2008 at a price of 440 625 pounds.

Over the years Afzal Kahn used in some sports cars from McLaren SLR collection black color to the world's fastest car, the Bugatti Veyron.

Plate number: 25 O

This license plate recently sold at an auction in Cardiff, with the price of 518,000 pounds. So, this is the most expensive number plate in the UK.

The new record holder was owned by John Collins, collector cars Ferrari. Collins also buy a license plate number '250 L' on the same occasion at a price of 130 320 pounds.

That means, Collins spend up to 648 320 pounds in one day just to buy a license plate number.

Later, both the number plate will be paired to Collins's classic Ferrari. '25 O 'will be placed in the Ferrari 250 SWB that was once owned by Eric Clapton and' 250 L 'will be fitted to the 1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso.

Plate number: 5

The license plate had held the title as the world's most expensive number plate when sold in 2007 to 25 million dirhams.

Ali Mohammed Talal Khoury, the owner was also buying a license plate other with cheap prices. The license plate number is '55' and he bought with a price of around 800,000 pounds at the same auction.

Plate number: 1

This license plate is owned by a businessman named Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri. He bought this number plate at very crazy: 52.2 million dirhams in an auction in Abu Dhabi in 2008.

With these prices, plate number 1 this became the most expensive number plate in the world and until now no one has been able to keep up.