Optimization of Car Audio with Smartphones and Gadgets

November 3, 2014

Optimization of Car Audio with Smartphones and Gadgets

Not just listen to the audio experience. But more than that. When the first, tapes (cassette) dominates the audio system, now with the development of increasingly modern technology, various things can be presented by the head unit.

Like when the transition from cassette to compact disc original pieces into advanced technology. Now the trend is beginning to shift. Although the majority of the head unit still offer CD players, but with the development of connectivity technology, users can enjoy thousands of songs. Either through smartphones, tablets, digital media player or storage media such as disks flask.

Moreover, there are a variety of file formats that can be selected song. As for connectivity, the sound output is also influenced by the channel connections are used to connect the gadget to the car's audio system.

The choice is 2, use both wired and wireless. If the cable can use the USB port or aux-in. Meanwhile, if you do not want to use the cable can use a Bluetooth connection.

However, there are several factors that need to be optimized so that the sound quality of your car audio capable.

First, you can see directly the size of the audio file format to be used. The size of the file and determines the quality of the audio detail that carried. Illustration, the smaller the file size of digital audio format the impact on the more minimal sound quality. Meanwhile, when a large file size, any impact on the sound quality of your car audio.

In general, a file size of 2 to 5 MB synonymous with substandard quality aka not clear and some musical instruments sounds indistinct. As for file size above 10 MB, the quality could be heard clear and fun to enjoy audio while driving. So fun to listen to music with the digital format can be enjoyed to the optimum. So look carefully, the size of the digital file format.

For quality audio, WAV file format, the best choice. WAV format, the source directly from the recording studio. This means that the sound of his CDs have not reformatted (uncompressed). Naturally, if the size is still large, the other case when it is compressed into MP3, shrink the file size and audio quality decreased compared to the previous.

Find MP3 files with high bit rate. Ideally, a file with a size of 320 Kbps or 256 Kbps in market size can be considered standard. The sound of the bass, treble and vocals can still be enjoyed on your car audio.

Next, change the audio signals stored in digital format (MP3, MP4 or WAV). To be optimal, it should be converted to analog signals (electric current) via a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).

Fortunately, this DAC has a built-in on smartphones, tablets and digital music players. See, the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 5S concoction they put on Cirrus Logic DAC. Or Samsung Galaxy series of Wolfson Microelectronics DAC equipped to provide first-class audio.