Maximizing Sound Quality Car Audio

November 17, 2014

Maximizing Sound Quality Car Audio

The audio system become one of the important components in a car. Since we can eliminate boredom by listening to your favorite music. But sometimes the standard audio system, not to produce sound according to taste.

To produce a better sound would need some modifications to the audio system. The modification requires no small cost.

Still there is the addition of the audio system can narrow the car cabin. This makes not everyone wants to modify the car audio system.

But now comes a new option to improve sound quality without having to modify the car's audio system. Like turning the palm of the hand, even the layman can do to maximize the output of a standard car audio system sound using a digital automatic equalizer JBL MS-2's.

JBL MS-2 which is a derivative of the JBL MS-8, is indeed intended use of the standard car audio system.

Product Alert Harman International Industries is able to produce better sound although the audio system is standard.

But this tool only works for cars that have Aux-in connection. Because the tool is applied when listening to music through external song file player.


Before performing the initial setting of MS-2, should position the bass, treble, balance and fader at zero (0). It is a voice that sounds obvious differences that will be generated. After performing the following steps:

1. Initial installation of automatic cable that connects a digital equalizer JBL MS-2 to digital media players such as MP3 players, iPods and more.

2. Move the audio menu on the head unit to the Aux option.

3. Connect the cable from the Aux-in head unit to the JBL MS-2.

4. Setting up early enough to press the setup button on the MS-2. Wait a few seconds later the sound of beep one time, from the left speaker and the right speaker followed from.

This means that a standard car audio system has been detected by MS-2 automatically. The condition is indicated by a green light indicator on the regulator treble, impact, bass as well as the image contained in the MS-2.

After playing a song from your digital media player, the sound it produces is amazing. The voice that had sounded shrill (high noise, loud and mono), with the same volume instantly turned into a fuller and magnificent.

That is, more thumping bass sound. While the treble and vocals sound clearer. While arguably the source of the sound or the music player along with the singer, his position is in the center of the dash area. Changes that occur after the Defeat button on the MS-2 suppressed.

If still not satisfied with the bass, treble, impact and image is generated, it can be set again in the voice of each regulator to taste

From the results of changes in the resulting audio sounds, products worth $87.66 $249.00 is indeed worthy groom. Given the replacement of some of the audio device requires no small cost and effort.