How to Evict Noisy Diesel Engines in Cars

November 5, 2014

How to Evict Noisy Diesel Engines in Cars

The diesel engine Rudolph Diesel invented the modern developed into today, is promising big torque, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

In the past, the diesel engine is widely used for large transport vehicles helpless. But today's diesel engine technology allows manufacturers to embed on a diesel engine sedan.

Diesel engines work by maximizing compression to create a detonation to create the energy of motion. The effect of this type of machine produces a vibration and noise caused by the detonation in the engine combustion chamber. Noise that can creep into the cabin space.

While the vibration can be muted with the engine mounting technology that has been developed, but for the noisy, how to eliminate relatively nothing. What can be done only in order to dampen or blocking noise from the engine did not penetrate the cabin.

On the other hand, so that you can enjoy car audio would require cabin silence. So as to enjoy the sound of the speakers, no sound disturbed the other. If you are lovers of music in the car, would require optimal damping cabin.

Soundproofing is actually done by adding mass to the plate body with an elastic material so that the vibration noise can be reduced.

Products silencer was actually nothing specifically created for diesel-engined cars. But there are some tricks that can be done to make the car quieter cabin and the noise of the diesel engine can be reduced.

I need to know first is the source of the noise, the position of the machine, the machine direction or driving conditions, in a way that he thought the noise removal process will be more targeted and effective.

Obviously the situation diesel cars, the main noise source of machine direction. but also to know whether your car engine positioned transversely in the engine bay or bay. Because of different positions for the different treatment also pair reducer.

For engine with rear drive engine position indented, then you need to install additional damping along the transverse coupling of the engine to the rear axle gearbox. It was to muffle noise arising from the rotation of the coupling.

While the rest, treatment damper mounting the same for both types of propulsion. Namely at the meeting of the firewall in the cabin and on the outside of the right side of the left engine bay. The goal is to drown out the sound so as not to penetrate out of the engine bay and sounded loud outside the vehicle.

Correct Installation
It is for installation in general we live surrender completely to the installer. But preferably as a car owner needs to know the process of installing a damper on your car.

There are a few things to note. Such as making sure the installation is done properly on the source of noise that has been found previously. Then make sure the damper is also attached to perfect the target field so that silencer not easily separated.

Silencers for product selection, better in making the cabin quieter atmosphere is asphalt material. He explained that these products provide maximum damping and the ability to stick onto the plate body better than any other material.

Serves to reduce vibration dampers asphalt at once sound, so for diesel engines should use this in order vibration dampening material and the sound does not penetrate into the cabin.

Indeed, there are other materials such as foam or dacron which also can muffle the sound, but the installation is more complicated and easily damaged. Do not forget to also use products also absorbers made from the highest asphalt thickness.