How to detect a Used Car Without Airbags

September 26, 2014

How to detect a Used Car Without Airbags

Security features become one of the most important things on a vehicle. With the security features, can certainly minimize injury to passengers in the event of an accident. One is the existence of an airbag.

However, many used car salesman trying to hide the weakness of cars it sells. Including if the airbag in dashboard that has been exploding, they choose to repair dashboard.

Some repair shops also provide repair services dashboard to zoom back as the original. Both the shape and contour of the surface of dashboard can be the same. However, airbags are not back filled again. One reason is because the price of a set of airbags are relatively expensive.

Thus, the buyer of a used car is harmed. Received cars were no longer standard, the risks faced when the collision occurred was so different.

Well, so do not be fooled seller, careful examination of used car to buy is important. One of them observe the presence of airbags. What should be considered?

Looking at dashboard physical

The easiest way is physical look of the dashboard is filled with airbags. When the workshop refit dashboard that broke because the airbag out, surely the result will not be as it was first produced.

Note the texture of dashboard behind which there is an airbag. If the dashboard has been done repairs will have a different texture to the surrounding area. Of course, carefulness in checking this out.

Airbag indicator

In a car that has been equipped with airbags, there is an indicator on the instrument panel. Under normal conditions, the indicator will light up when the key is positioned in the ACC. But the rogue trader used car, turn off the airbag indicator so it does not give cues.

Enough with the ignition key position in the ACC position, all indicators will light up. Well, while that's note the airbag indicator lights up or not. If there is no indicator airbags, car owners have the possibility to disable the indicator.

Check Space Machine

Basically, the airbag will come out immediately after experiencing a severe car on the front. Surely the front bumper to the chassis as will be damaged. Body repair workshop would not be able to return to normal conditions for the chassis.

Take a look at the chassis in the engine room. Are there any signs such as repainting or churned impact. If all of the traits that exist on the car you want to buy, you should find another car.