Why Galaxy S5 Remain Faithful Use Plastic?

July 11, 2014

Why Galaxy S5 Remain Faithful Use Plastic?

Criticism of premium Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S from year to year is always the same, namely the view that seem cheap, because the use of plastic materials. Many who wanted the Samsung replace worn casing material.

Samsung is already responding to its users by adding complexion on the back cover of the Galaxy Note 3, and makes the design of the back cover of the Galaxy S5 which has a row of small basins.

However, it has not been able to add to the impression left in the line of Samsung's flagship smartphone.

For Samsung itself, the plastic material used in casing also means cheap production costs, so profit margins can be huge. However, whether permanently Samsung will maintain the plastic material?

Samsung designers and marketing director of Samsung said that the hardware and software design principles of the Galaxy S5 carries "back to basics," which means Samsung is more focused on the use of maximum rather than adding new features.

"While in the case of the exterior, designers Samsung Galaxy S5 design for easy use and more humane," said Samsung Senior Product Designer, Don Hun Kim. Samsung was recognized been searching for material new materials, such as metals.

However according to them, it's heavy metal and tend to be cold, while the plastic material tends to warm to hold and has a pleasant impression when held.

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"Plastics that have a warmer texture, we believe users will feel more comfortable when held, this material also makes us lighter devices, we describe the design and concept," added Kim.

Samsung User Experience Designer, Jeeyun Wang also said that the smartphone was not just a product of technology, but also a fashion product. "That's why we provide at the launch of four color options," he said.

Creating high efficient products and fashionable indeed the right approach for the Samsung, but out there rivals also continued to innovate with the introduction of design and different casing material.