Watch the screen iPhone 6 ​​Tortured

July 11, 2014

Watch the screen iPhone 6 ​​Tortured

Apple is rumored to be using a screen of sapphire material for its latest smartphone, the iPhone 6. Material sapphire is known to have a higher durability than the Gorilla Glass screen that is currently widely used.

How strong is the sapphire screen against scratches and collision? Recently circulated a video on YouTube that show the iPhone 6 screen being tested durability.

Video with a duration of 5 minutes was uploaded by a user with the username Marques Brownlee. In the video, the iPhone 6 screen appears tested to exceed everyday use.

By Brownlee, the screen is scratched with a key to the house, even to being stabbed and scratched with a knife. However, eventually the iPhone 6 screen does not look damaged.

According to Brownlee, after a series of "torture" that did it, that made an impression on the screen of the iPhone 6 is not only the former is more fingerprints.

Sapphire material is currently being used by Apple in its iPhone 5s, but only as a protective layer and a camera lens fingerprint sensor Touch her ​​ID. To screen itself, the iPhone 5s still using Corning Gorilla Glass material.

The screen size is tested on the video is 4.7 inches. Thus, it could be also features a sapphire screen for the iPhone 6 will be used in addition to the size of 5.5-inch version.