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Infiniti was first introduced to the United States automotive market in 1989 as Japanese parent Nissan Motor Company's luxury automotive brand
Infiniti was first introduced to the United States automotive market in 1989 as Japanese parent Nissan Motor Company's luxury automotive brand. Headlined by the large Q45 luxury sedan, Infiniti was immediately established as a serious competitor in the luxury car segment against competitors Lexus, Acura, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Lincoln.

The Infiniti marque was formally introduced to its homeland of Japan in 2013, with the first Japanese-market Infiniti vehicle to be a hybrid-powered variant of the Infiniti Q50 to go on sale in 2014, with gasoline-powered versions of the Q50 retaining the historic Nissan Skyline name.

Despite strong performance from a powerful V-8 and an athletic suspension setup, confusing advertising and a daring styling treatment limited the Q45's initial sales. Efforts to tone down the Q45's distinctiveness muddled the message of a high-performance luxury sedan, and the Q45's less expensive siblings, the M30 and G20, failed to establish Infiniti as a premium brand.

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After a decade of solid but uninspired cars, Infiniti began its revitalization in the early part of the 2000s. A new, rejuvenated Q45 debuted in 2002, and the G35 sedan, Motor Trend's 2003 Car of the Year, put Infiniti on the map as a manufacturer of popular sports-luxury cars. Infiniti also positions itself as a high-tech automaker, with such features as an intelligent key and push-button ignition system, early adoption of Bluetooth, Bose premium audio systems, and an internal hard-drive that automatically rips and catalogs music.

Infiniti's models are designated by one letter for coupes and sedans, or two letters for SUVs--followed by two numbers that indicate engine displacement. A M35, for example is a luxury sedan with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, while a FX50 is a luxury SUV offering a 5.0-liter V8.

Infiniti's current lineup of sedans and coupes includes the entry-level luxury G37, available as a sedan or a coupe, named one of Car & Driver's "10 Best;" the mid-range M series, which won the "Highest Ranked Luxury Mid-Size Premium Car in Initial Quality" from J.D. Power. The roomier M Sedan is available as either a V-6-powered M35, or a V-8-powered M45. New in 2009 is a G Convertible offering a 325-hp V-6 engine and featuring a three-piece, fully-automatic folding top.

The Infiniti EX35 is a small SUV that offers rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with a powerful V-6 engine. Infiniti's mid-size SUV is the sporty FX, which is related to the Nissan Murano and offers sports car performance and handling. The FX35 offers a V-6 engine, while the FX50 offers a V-8. All-wheel drive is standard on the FX50 and optional on the FX35. The Infiniti QX56 is the large luxury SUV based on the Nissan Titan, offering seating for 7-8.

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