BMW will Connected with GoPro

July 14, 2014

BMW will Connected with GoPro

BMW announced a partnership with the GoPro camera manufacturer, promising shooting easier when driving in certain atmosphere. Starting July 12, 2014, the BMW group cars will be equipped with MINI Connected or BMW Apps as an integrated entertainment system on board with GoPro via Wi-Fi.

It is said, current trends show many car users who install the on board camera to record specific actions. For example in a track day at the circuit, when the performance test, up to a pleasant trip with beautiful scenery around.

Connect it easy. Users simply have minimal iPhone 4 or other gadgets that have application GoPro. Gadgets should pairing (connected) to the first GoPro camera via Fi-Fi, then connect it to the system in the car, either via USB or adapter.

By doing so, the application will automatically GoPro displayed on the screen of the car. Operation of the camera can be done through the menu system on the car entertainment, such as BMW or MINI Connected Connected Drive.

Indeed, the interface on the entertainment system did not bring up all the functions of the GoPro, but with this connection, the user can enjoy six recording modes, including two for the time laps mode (set of objects photos taken with an irregular period to describe the process, movement, or object changes . then the editing process with increased speed (speed duration). example, sunset or sunrise, the movement of the atmosphere of the city and so on).

Preview video or photograph can be displayed in car monitor. However, for security reasons, this feature can only be done when the car is stopped.

"GoPro is a natural partner for the BMW driver. This collaboration brings something new, safer, and add to the experience previously considered not possible, "said Phil Johnston, Head of BMW Group AppCenter USA.