BMW Develops Process for Wireless Recharging i3 and i8 series

July 14, 2014

BMW Develops Process for Wireless Recharging i3 and i8 series

Recharging an electric car with an inductive method would seem to be the technology of the future, and BMW wants to be part of it. German luxury car manufacturer announced it is concentrating on expanding the i3 and i8 models.

Advantages of inductive technology will replace the power supply and recharging stations eliminates cable connections as long as this is done. In order for this technology to be effective in terms of cost, the BMW Group and Daimler AG signed an agreement for the standardization of this technology, which could then also be used for hybrid cars.

The system consists of two components, the secondary coil in the bottom of the car, then there is a base plate that is integrated with the primary coil placed on the floor, such as a garage floor or parking lot. Electrical energy will be distributed without wires via magnetic field generated by the coil voltage between two 3.6 kW.

BMW says this method makes more efficient charging 90 percent. Another goal, speed up the charging time. If the charging current to the conventional method performed at a voltage of 3.6 kW in three hours, with the wireless method is less than two hours. Users can monitor the progress of the car battery via the gadget.

Looking ahead, there is also the possibility of charging voltage cultivated 7 kW to accelerate the charging time.