Camry, Best Hybrid Car Indonesia

October 6, 2012

Camry, Best Hybrid Car Indonesia

Why All New Camry Hybrid Cars Best in Indonesia?
Toyota All New Camry hybrid car is the result of advanced technology produced by the automotive world, especially for today's cars. Hybrid car technology is a combination or a combination of oil-fueled car engine (fuel) with an electric-powered car engine.

This combination makes the All New Camry Hybrid Cars Best in Indonesia has all the advantages of the best available on-fueled car fuel and electric powered cars. And also, Toyota All New Camry hybrid is able to correct the deficiencies that exist in each type of the engine. So the hybrid car into a sophisticated car is fuel efficient and still generate power and best performance significantly.

In addition to the fuel consumption of cars become much more efficient, the combination of technology also makes Toyota All New Camry hybrid cars more friendly to the environment, because the car exhaust or waste combustion products produced relatively minimal. Another advantage of hybrid cars is the lack of sound and vibration when the engine is turned on. This car is perfect for trips taken away, because we are not going to feel tired during the trip.

Toyota as one of the leading car manufacturers present the latest variant of Camry hybrid cars in Indonesia, namely the All New Camry 2.5 Hybrid.
Toyota Camry hybrid car uses the Toyota Hybrid System technology which is able to provide the level of efficiency advantages of high fuel consumption, low exhaust emissions make environmentally friendly, outstanding ride comfort, and the best driving satisfaction. Consumption of fuel efficient cars capable coupled with reliable power providing the best acceleration performance and reliability on the road.

Carrying the Machine Type TOYOTA HYBRID IL4, 16-Valve, DOHC 2,494 cc Maximum Torque 20.9 / 4800 kgm / rpm Maximum Power generated 156/5700 ps / rpm makes the main advantage Toyota New Camry 2.5 Hybrid.
Toyota All New Camry Hybrid gives a more elegant design changes, stable and luxury that has been the hallmark of the Toyota Camry Hybrid car. Display corners sharper combined with LED headlamps with two projector reinforce the impression advance. New design with LED headlights make the car driver can see clearly in the dark. Design bumper, grille, new fog lamp which makes it more elegant and prestigious. from the side
Toyota All New Camry interior (best hybrid cars) show a more dynamic design and wider for passengers.

Toyota All New Camry Hybrid Cars equipped Controller Rear Seat, Rear Seat Relaxation Syatem, Parking Area System, Steering Switch Control for Audio, MID and Cruise Control, Bluethooth for Handsfree Communication. All the tools are embedded in hybrid car is more indulgent and provide comfort for its users.

Of the various advantages it feasible when called Camry Hybrid Cars Best in Indonesia